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“Ellory is one of the top coaches for startup entrepreneurs. His book Exit Strategy is perfect for anyone who either wants to start a business or has recently started a business”

- J.V. Crum -

What is Exit Strategy?

Exit Strategy is about helping YOU start YOUR business. It's "The Exact Tactics I Wish I'd Had 4 Years Ago to Transition From a Job I Thought I Had to Have to a Life I Wanted"

Exit Strategy is the road map for starting a business in today's modern and connected world. Learn how to cut through the fluff, adopt the mindset of a successful entrepreneur, and build a solid foundation for a business where you can truly thrive.

Exit Strategy is Your Guidebook

You might already have what you need to start a business. Learn to use the skills you already possess to make you successful. Unlock the true power of an internet business and convert visitors into customers and raving fans!

Let me show you how to put everything together so you can sign clients, close deals and build a profitable business you love and that impacts the world. You get to tell a story that is uniquely yours, and live your life with purpose, passion, and, of course, profit.

"He shows you through the entire book how to use his process, tactics and values. If you follow them and put in the work you will find success."

- Mark S. -

What's Inside Exit Strategy?

Here are some of the Lessons, Strategies and Tactics you'll find inside Exit Strategy that you can start implementing IMMEDIATELY...

  • Why Everyone Is Expendable and why you need to be building your backup plan and developing your exit strategy a.s.a.p. - pg. 12
  • Why Doing Everything Right Isn't Enough and how working for one company is just putting all of your eggs in one very unstable basket - pg. 21
  • The Business Mindset that Made Millions of Dollars for another company, and how you can apply that knowledge to your own business - pg. 52
  • Share Your Story and Your Struggles because someone business is done human to human, and our tough times help us connect with the people around us - pg. 56
  • Being Comfortable in Our Discomfort is one of the worst places to be, and why you should get moving while the time is right - pg. 61
  • One Business Model Works Better than Anything Else and I want to show you how you can use it to start, build and grow your business, no matter where you're starting out - pg. 65
  • How to Get Started and the types of things you can and should create to establish yourself as an authority in your niche - pg. 69
  • Types of Content to Keep Clients Interested and Engaged in what you're doing so they keep coming back for more - pg. 75
  • The Strategies I've Used to Become an Authority in the online business arena, and how you can use similar strategies to show your expertise - pg. 82
  • How to Tell Compelling Stories in ways that attract visitors and convert prospects into buyers so you can build and grow your business - pg. 85
  • How to Find the Right Branding Message for your business and how to get the right infrastructure in place for long-term success - pg. 97
  • Tactics You Can Use on Social Media to Build Your Brand, grow your business, and connect with your audience and prospective clients in a way that shows your expertise and adds potential customers to your sales funnels - pg. 102
  • Powerful New Technologies to Help You Understand and Market Your Business Directly to Your Ideal Clients and how to begin using them from day 1 - pg. 107
  • How to Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar so you can direct your marketing and sales efforts to the right people at the right time in the right way - pg. 116
  • List-Building Tactics to Build a Community around your brand and have a list of warm leads to whom you can market your products and services - pg. 122
  • Marketing Strategies to Reach New Audiences and build your brand and connect with influencers to continually get your business in front of an ever-expanding audience - pg. 143
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And that's just the FIRST 1/2 of the book! You'll also get access to My List of Books Every Entrepreneur MUST Read, the Tools I Use to Attract New Clients and Keep Them Engaged, and SO MUCH MORE!!

"Ellory has delivered a combination of inspiration and easy to follow actions you can take... Ellory provides actions and examples of results real people obtained by taking those actions.

[Exit Strategy] is a combination of practical advice, examples, and yes, inspirational stories. When you put them all together, you get an engaging, entertaining and actionable guidebook."

- Noladad -

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"Exit Strategy is not the conventional self help book.

Instead of talking about success in broad terms like many self improvement books do, Ellory took it to the next level for me by writing a book that, instead of being a broad generalization of success, he narrows down on specifics with deep content.

Instead of being a vast pool of water that's only 6 feet deep, Exit Strategy is more of a well that goes 50-100 feet deep with content and actions items everyone can use regardless of your niche. Amazing book!"

- Gilbert Angelle. -

How to Use Exit Strategy

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Every time I start a new business or launch a new product, I follow the strategies and use the tactics outlined in Exit Strategy. 

And every time... they work!