My New Book Shares: The Exact Tactics I Wish I'd Had 4 Years Ago to Transition From a Job I Thought I Had to Have to a Life I Wanted

Discover the road map for starting a business in today's modern and connected world. Learn how to cut through the fluff, adopt the mindset of a successful entrepreneur, and build a solid foundation for a business where you can truly thrive.

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The Reviews are In!

In this Book You Will Discover...

  • Use Your Skills

    You already have what you need to start a business. Learn to use the skills you already possess to make you successful.

  • Tactics for Success

    Unlock the true power of an internet business and convert visitors into customers and raving fans!

  • Connect the Dots

    How to put everything together so you can sign clients, close deals and build a profitable business you love and that impacts the world.

Instead of theory...

You get action items. Instead of helping you grow your business from $10,000 to $100,000 a year, I want to help you formulate a plan to leave where you have to be and transition to where you want to be.

You get to tell a story that is uniquely yours, and live your life with purpose, passion, and, of course, profit.

exit strategy business roadmap

One of my favorite parts of the book, the Roadmap is what I wish I'd done when I first started. I’ve studied my successes and failures over the past several years, and I’ve pulled out the parts that worked, distilled the lessons from the things that didn’t. Had I the ability to re-write history, this is how I’d write it.

Week 1:

Building the foundation & laying the groundwork for your business

Week 2:

Develop your promotional content calendar & create your avatar

Week 3:

Business tools, creating compelling content & design elements

Week 4:

Creating content, attracting customers & showcase your unique talents

Week 5:

Building relationships, creating partnerships & connecting with influencers

Week 6:

Creating your products & establish your authority & expertise

Week 7:

Business analytics, accepting payments & product design

Week 8:

Promoting your business, growing community & social media marketing

Does this sound like you?

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